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      Holgrave and two others then departed from the main body, unloosed a small boat from its moorings, and, in less than five minutes, they were walking, in the twilight of a starry midsummer's night, down the rough stone pathway of Thames-street.

      The lady Isabella's application to the abbot had been attended with as little effect. Sudbury had met with readiness the overtures of reconciliation, and in accordance with her desire, had interrogated the monk; but Father John evaded his questions with a firmness which gave offence to his superior, and convinced De Boteler and his lady, that he knew much more than he chose to reveal. Spies were set about his path, but nothing was gainednothing discovered to prove that any communication existed between the fugitive, Holgrave, and the obdurate ecclesiastic.

      "Have you heard the news, Wat?" asked the mason."Yes, yes, I will mind: but I verily believe you think me a fool, or a woman who don't know when to hold her tongue!you tell me one thing so many times over! Watis that John Leicester coming?"

      "Back, men of Kentback," vociferated Tyler;and then arose the long wild shout as Tyler freed the monk from the last link of his bonds.

      "In hopes of being well paid," thought the galleyman, though he said nothing; he merely smiled an answer, and then, drawing Harvey a little aside, whispered him

      "Read!" thundered the abbot suddenly, as, after a moment's hesitation, he thrust the parchment into the monk's hand. "This paper was found on the dressing-table of the baroness of Sudley!"

      Lucy gave a faint scream, and cast a look of astonishment at Margaret.


      "For money; and for what money will buydrink. Have you any wine in the room?""This seems strange language from a bondman," said Richard, aside to Oxford.


      "Aye, aye, master Turner," replied Merritt (impatient of a long speech, yet knowing the smith's irascible temper too well to interrupt him,) "I don't know what will come next! Here were you, who paid scot and lot, and cared for no onesee how you were treated! And now here is the holy father (with whom, though he got into disgrace at the Abbey, one would have thought, for the sake of their own souls, they wouldn't meddle,) dragged off like a common thief; and if we do not go to the rescue, the saints preserve us! who can tell if he will ever come out again? for there is none but poor Stephen akin to him."